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Moody’s assigns definitive rating to Ford-sponsored auto loan ABS in China

Moody’s assigns definitive rating to Ford-sponsored auto loan ABS in China
Hong Kong, December 11, 2015 — Moody’s Investors Service has assigned a definitive rating of Aa3 (sf) to Fuyuan 2015-2 Retail Auto Mortgage Loan Securitization Trust, a domestic transaction backed by a pool of auto loans originated by Ford Automotive …
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Head of HCUL predicts an uptick in Hawaii auto loans in 2016
The Mainland is experiencing a surge in auto loans and that trend is likely to hit Hawaii in the new year, according to Dennis Tanimoto. president of the Hawaii Credit Union League. “Hawaii lags the Mainland,” Tanimoto said. “Loan demand on the …
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Student and auto loans gasoline October increase in consumer borrowing
Almost all of this October gain came from the group that addresses car and figuratively speaking, while bank card borrowing edged up a mere two hundred dollars million. The increase shows that more Americans tend to be relying on financial obligation to enhance their particular academic abilities and …
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Column: Don’t make automotive loans more expensive
Through an aggressive, unprecedented and very controversial promotion of suing and deciding with all the lending institutions that at this time offer more than $ 1 trillion in automotive loans to United states consumers, a Washington agency labeled as the Consumer …
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CFPB Car Finance Actions Show The Reason Why It Ought To Be Turn Off
The CFPB, with regards to’s perhaps not busy taking advice through the exact same so-called consumer non-profits that assisted engineer the housing bubble due to their sub-prime financing schemes, now really wants to stop car dealers from to be able to provide loan discounts to car purchasers on …
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Interest Rate Hike Expected To Have Minimal Impact on Auto Loans

Interest Hike Likely To Have Minimal Effect On Automotive Loans
SANTA MONICA, Ca — America’s very first interest hike in almost 10 years just isn’t likely to put the brake system on auto loans, based on “We don’t expect car loan rates to increase in near term specially with automakers continuing …

TransUnion Predicts Increase in Car Finance Balances
Car finance balances are anticipated to continue to boost to above $ 18,000 by the end of the following year, in accordance with TransUnion’s 2016 car finance forecast released Monday. The common auto loan financial obligation per debtor this quarter is $ 17,985 while the estimate …
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Student and auto loans fuel October increase in consumer borrowing

Student and auto loans fuel October increase in consumer borrowing
Nearly all of the October gain came from the category that covers auto and student loans, while credit card borrowing edged up a mere $ 200 million. The increase suggests that more Americans are relying on debt to improve their educational skills and …
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Why sub-0-a-month auto loans are a bad habit
Auto loans stretching six or seven years are often criticized as a poor choice because they leave borrowers underwater for years before they finally get to a point where the vehicle is no longer in negative equity. Still, the latest snapshot of America …
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No Money Down Auto Loans – Smart Thinking Can Help You

“You can live in your car, but you can’t race your house.”

This simply explains the importance of a car in our life. We, Americans are truly autoholics. Cars are the ultimate passion for us. Sadly, buying a car has become extremely difficult today. Economic downturn has taken a toll on everyone. Dealers and lenders have become extra cautious and demand high down payment amounts. But, they don’t understand that not everyone can afford a huge down payment.

Well, the good news is that there are few empathetic lenders left. They still care about you and offer you the opportunity to buy your dream car. There are several options available with you to drive your favorite car. You can avail the no money down auto loan. It will help you buy a car without putting down any substantial amount of cash. You can avail this type of loan even if you have a fixed income or a previous bankruptcy. So, you are no longer required to worry about your low income and low affordability.

Your interest rate may be somewhat increased. It is obvious as the lender’s risk will also increase. But, when you compare the increased interest rate with the advantage of finally being able to drive a car, it seems trivial.

It is good to trade-in your car. If you trade your old car for a new one, you will be able to reduce the value of your loan. This is beneficial because it tackles one major problem with no money down auto loans. When you drive off the car, it will obviously lose some value. And, when you don’t pay any down payment, there are higher chances of having an ‘upside-down’ loan. This is a very perilous situation. But when you trade-in a car, your risk will automatically reduce.

An important tip is to buy GAP insurance. It will cover the different between the value of your car and the amount you owe. When you avail no money down auto loan, chances are you will need it.

You shouldn’t worry if you don’t have an old car to trade-in. You can make use of the high rebates offered to you while buying a new car. Rebates are offered by manufacturers when you buy a new car. You may decide to put that amount as down payment or may even decide to forgo rebates. If you decide to forgo rebates, you can ask the dealer to let you avail a no down payment option.

Standard Paperwork – You Don’t Need Anything Else

Availing no money down auto loans is simple. You will be able to get approval even with bad credit score.

All you need to show is a proof of your current employment. The last two pay stubs will be enough to certify that. If you are self-employed, tax returns of the past two years are required. Generally, lenders want to ensure a clean vehicle title. They will also need you to buy minimum auto insurance.

Your car’s VIN, purchase price, year, make, model, mileage, etc. will be asked.

If you see the big picture, these loans can help you in a big way. If you make regular monthly payments, your credit score will definitely improve.

So, this means you just have to be a little smart while availing no money down auto loans. If you avert the risk of an ‘upside-down’ loan, it will be a win-win situation for you. You get to drive a car and that too without any down payment. This means you can either save that amount for any other purchase or even use it to pay off other debts.

With no money down car loans, things look brighter.

Take the advantage today! is one of the most trusted online auto lending companies. We approve car loans for bad credit and past bankruptcy as well. Our no money down auto loans option has benefited several customers and has helped them realize their dream of buying a car.

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Latest Auto Loans News

Carter Buton Album Loan_00095
auto loans
Image by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives
From a album belonging to barnstormer/daredevil Carter Buton.

Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive

Types Of Business Loans

Every business has six major components necessary to operate. These are personnel, equipment, housing, products and services, and last but most vital, is capital. It takes capital to get the other five. Business owners often fear banks and commercial finance companies. This fear has its foundation in a lack of lender knowledge. A Business Finance Consultant knows the ways of these lenders and has the contacts to secure financing for virtually any type of business.
The deregulation of the banking industry has made new choices available that never existed before. One of these is the availability of money through non-traditional lending sources.
The types of business loans vary to your specific business needs. Here are just a few of the loans that can be arranged by a Business Finance Consultant.
If you are considering a purchase or construction of commercial real estate, we can offer you up to 90% financing whether its owner/user or strictly an investment. We have access to some of the most aggressive programs in the industry and with loan terms up to 25 years youll be surprised at how easy owning commercial real estate can be.
If you are planning to start a business, your best opportunity to obtain financing may be the assistance offered by a Business Finance Consultant. Through their network they have provided capital for hundreds of start up businesses nationwide.
A line of credit can be one of the most useful financial tools for a small business. A Business Finance Consultant can help you determine if this is the right transaction for your business. These experts will guide you through the transaction every step of the way.
If you are considering the purchase of a franchise business, a Business Finance Consultant can help. Whether it is a restaurant, retail or service related business, a Business Finance Consultant can help you achieve the dream of owning your own business.
A Business Finance Consultant can give your business access to all of these types of financing and more. With one phone call you, can have dozens of lending sources competing for your loan. Once you have experienced the high level of customer service, competitive pricing and wide selection of financing options you will understand why many business owners view Business Finance Consultants as their most important asset.

Wade Lewis is the Owner of P&L Business Service. The only online source for information related to both equipment leasing and business loans of all types. Business Finance Consultants represent over 100 Lenders and Lessors competing for your business.

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