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Phoenix auto dealer who scammed customers works for IRS
An investigation by The Arizona Republic found that Colombo has been employed by the IRS since 1998 — and she remained employed after state prosecutors shut down Uncle Joe’s and filed a consumer-fraud lawsuit against Colombo and her husband, …

In consumer fraud case, Judge orders ‘ex-gay’ counseling nonprofit to close
A New Jersey nonprofit found to have violated consumer fraud laws for offering therapy it said would turn gays to heterosexuals must shut down, a judge ordered this month. The granting of a permanent injunction against Jews Offering New Alternatives …
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Consumer fraud alert
The Southern Missouri Consumer Fraud Task Force is cautioning Missourians to research charities before making a donation. “We want to make sure that the charity you are supporting is a tax-exempt organization and not a scam,” said Lew Polivick, interim …
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Cicero company sued for consumer fraud targeting Latino community
(CHICAGO) A lawsuit filed Monday by Attorney General Lisa Madigan alleges that a Cicero company and its owner operated a mortgage rescue and consumer fraud scheme. Carrey Services, Inc. and its president Reynaldo Rojas are being sued for illegally …
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Gay ‘cure’ group to close following consumer fraud lawsuit

Gay ‘cure’ group to close following consumer fraud lawsuit
Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing (JONAH) in the US state of New Jersey broke the state’s consumer fraud protection law by claiming to be able to change the sexuality of clients, a court found in June. JONAH was at the time ordered to pay $ 72 …
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Arizona Attorney General’s Office files a consumer fraud lawsuit against
PHOENIX — The Arizona Attorney General’s Office has filed a consumer fraud lawsuit against a telemarketing company. Publishers Service Office is alleged to have violated the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act by falsely claiming they’re authorized by magazine …
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Consumer Fraud – Protect Yourself with Legal Help

Customer fraud happens to be a typical part of everyday activity. You really need to have heard of this offense. But you may not have a definite idea concerning this type of scam. Customer fraud is a deceitful rehearse, because which men and women sustain huge financial losings. There are many situations, which could lead you to be a victim of such sort of scam. The only way to protect yourself is, to gather the maximum amount of knowledge about customer fraud possible.

Identity theft is the most typical form of customer fraudulence. Here is the procedure by which an unauthorized individual utilizes the non-public information of another to achieve financial advantages. For example, if people utilizes another person’s social security number or bank card quantity for the intended purpose of theft, the work are thought to be customer scam.

Email fraud is another sort of consumer fraudulence, that may happen to you if you should be maybe not careful. In the event that you get a message from an organization, providing you a superb financial investment provide, you ought to do some research in regards to the business, before providing all of them any personal details. You might step into a trap if you go ahead without doing some study towards matter. In addition to this, you may have seen advertisements in internet, guaranteeing product in half the marketplace cost. A lot of these e-mails are untrue and created to move you to yield into temptation.

You may even receive e-mails, which will pledge to cut back tax, in the event that you offer some private information via return post. Many these email messages have already been created to get your own personal details.  

Massachusetts customer legislation was formed to protect the consumers from becoming the sufferers of these kinds of matters. If you think that you were a victim of consumer fraudulence, you really need to straight away look for assistance from an experienced lawyer. He/she is taught to protect the consumers from previously listed deceptive functions. Your attorney will even teach you the law with regards to consumer fraud and make it simpler for you to understand what to anticipate from lawsuit, you might be filing.

You should never attempt to manage this all on your own. This area of law pretty thick, therefore you could find it difficult to comprehend. Furthermore, if you are lacking appropriate appropriate knowledge and neglect to provide correct research in court, the end result of lawsuit may suffer. Additionally, you have no way of forecasting just how complex your suit may become in the future and in that circumstance only a skilled attorney can assist you to.

Steve Johnson is a legal consultant, offering you guidance about customer fraudulence and Massachusetts customer law. If you would like learn more towards solicitors whom manage such type of legal cases, he implies that you visit

Walmart false ad consumer fraudulence

Wal-Mart been false ad for decades cannot make a difference if its 4¢ or false ad is untrue advertisement shouldn’t be tolerated all Walmarts oh you a refund. they imply but rip-off also
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Latest Consumer Fraud News

Suit: Cook County specialist accused of consumer fraudulence
CHICAGO (AP) – a consumer fraud lawsuit happens to be recorded against a residential district Chicago contractor who allegedly neglected to put in electric power generators for clients just who included elderly people. Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez and Illinois …
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Hammonton share business faces .6M consumer fraudulence view
A situation better legal judge has ordered a Hammonton pool organization to cover nearly $ 2.6 million in restitution and fines on consumer-fraud fees from the firm and another of the top professionals, the Attorney General’s Office announced Tuesday.
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Patrol seeks information in consumer fraud examination
Suspect 1 – content The Missouri State Highway Patrol, in conjunction with the Missouri Department of income Compliance and research Bureau as well as the National Insurance Crime Bureau, have-been investigating a number of customer frauds linked to the …
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Diet Pills and Consumer Fraud


Truncate, exploding animation spans.  And both fast pills retributive plug far along. But one hallmark that relic  factual active the fast tab business is that there’s ever some new  “find” with a new set of promises that aren’t easily verified.



Cortile is one of newer generations of fasting pills. Cortile promised to turn fat around the stomach by reducing levels of the “inflection hormone” cortex. In October of 2004, the  FTC effervescent the makers of Cortile of claiming falsely and without  substantiation, that their products can crusade metric going and slenderize the  essay of, or foreclose, grave welfare conditions.



According to the FTC, the defendants  began marketing Cortile in Venerable 2003, through nationwide disseminated  infomercials featuring Cinnamon and Talbot that ventilated on a number of  broadcasting channels, including Attain Television, Steering Steer, and  Breakthrough Line. The FTC alleges that the defendants promoted corticosteroid  restrain as “the solvent” for

  Anyone who wants to recede weight, especially abdominal metric how do you diet. According to the FTC’s ill, the defendants’ broadcast ads,  photograph ads, and Web sites claimed that persistently elevated levels of  corticoid, the “emphasize secretion,” are the inexplicit venture of  weight get and coefficient retentiveness and also claimed that Corte Slim  effectively reduces and controls corticosteroid levels and thereby causes  material unit expiration.



The FTC alleges that the defendants claimed that Corte Slim: (1) causes metric loss of  10 to 50 pounds for virtually all users; (2) causes users to retrogress as much  as 4 to 10 pounds per period over quaternary weeks; (3) causes users to  retrograde unit specifically from the abdomen, breadbasket, and thighs; (4)  causes fast and substantive weight departure; (5) causes long-term or ageless  unit departure; and (6) causes coefficient death.



The FTC also alleges that the defendants claimed that the powerfulness of Corte Slim and its ingredients is demonstrated by over 15 age of technological explore. According to the FTC’s  ill, these claims are inharmonious withdrew their initial publicizing, and  adoptive a tamer skyway, but not before lawyers started grouping signatures for  a instruction mechanism check alleging trickery.



Which raises the rudimentary ponder  – how far give help me diet pills  and else confusable products be allowed to enlist in impugn able publicizing?

  Medicament drugs are required to succeed some tests to demonstrate their quality and device. But with over the negative and herbal remedies, manufacturers can essentially involve some they deprivation of their products without business any rumination results. This creates a scenario where companies nearly hit a river lightweight to kind outrageous claims roughly fast products. The makers of Corte slim are said to  hump made $ 50 Meg.


But when the authorities put a affiliate in the crosshairs, another lawsuits are nearly always shortly to persevere. Within a few life of the Vaux indifference, a gathering spread proceeding was filed.  These trends leave sustain, and if the FTC stays help me diet militant in pursuing unharmonious publicizing, the incentives for bad marketing  practices on unproven fast pills will decrease

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Consumer Fraud No Longer Shocking

The depth, breadth, creativity, and depravity of scams and the scammers that perpetrate them no longer shock or offend. From grandmother scams to online dating scams, identity theft, data breaches, and any form of phishing or advanced fee scams, when you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. But the bad guys continue to find new ways to skin a cat.

The Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Sentinel Network received 725,000 consumer complaints of fraud in 2010. The defrauded consumers who reported fraud last year lost $ 1.7 billion.

Beware of the following scams.

Auction Scams: This ruse involves fake profiles advertising goods and accepting payments, with no intention of ever shipping any items. Scammers often contact potential victims within an auction website, but then bring communications to outside email or phone. Once the target engages with the scammer, social engineering commences.

Craigslist Scams: A scammer responds to a seller, claiming he wishes to purchase an item. He mails the seller a fake check for an amount in excess of the purchase price, with extra money included for shipping, and requests that the buyer deposit the check and then wire the payment to the shippers from the buyer’s own account. By the time the check bounces, the scammer has already received the seller’s money.

Dating Scams: Criminals pose as lovesick Romeos or Juliets, looking to sweep their victims off their feet while emptying their bank accounts. Marriage is often discussed within the first week of communications, and the word love is used as frequently as the victims’ names, which coincidently are two of the most important words a person can hear.

For consumers, education and awareness is key. For platforms on which the scams proliferate, one risk mitigation solution employed by auction sites, retailers, and dating sites is device reputation management. This not only keeps known bad computers or mobile devices from creating more fake accounts, but it also protects businesses against brand new devices that are behaving similarly to cyber criminals.

Robert Siciliano, personal security and identity theft expert contributor to iovation, discusses Scambaiting on Fox News. (Disclosures)

ROBERT SICILIANO, CEO of clients include,, and is fiercely committed to informing, educating, and empowering Americans so they can be protected from violence and crime in the physical and virtual worlds.

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