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How the Fed’s Rate Hike Affects Your Credit Card

How the Fed’s Rate Hike Affects Your Credit Card
It’s been so long since the Federal Reserve raised interest rates, many people have forgotten that their credit card interest rate is probably tied to the prime rate. Nearly every credit card now has a variable interest rate. That means nearly every …

Rising interest rates coming: 5 things to know
Various surveys indicate that many Americans continue to struggle with financial-literacy topics, including those related to interest rates. This hasn’t stopped millions of people from using credit cards, taking out student loans and buying homes and …
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AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Interest rates on new credit card offers held steady Wednesday, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. The average is comprised of 100 of the most popular credit cards in the …
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AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Average rates on new credit card offers stayed put this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. The average is comprised of 100 of the most popular credit cards in the country, …
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0% APR Credit Cards Can Make Holiday Shopping More Affordable
Consumers can save significant dollars by instead using a 0% APR credit card for holiday shopping, or by transferring a balance on a high-interest card to a 0% APR card, according to a NerdWallet analysis. If you can’t find the cash to pay in full …
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Bad Credit Loans ? Solve Your Fiscal Problems

If you are in need of cash, you need to arrange for funds to meet your various expenses. In such a case, bad credit loans can be useful for you. These advances carry with it an extremely high rate of interest. The people who have poor financial status can apply for this facility. They help you solve your fiscal problems.

These advances are only given to people who have poor financial status to solve their financial crises. These people can reestablish their financial status by utilizing this finance scheme. In bad credit loans, lenders willing give advances to such individuals to improve their financial status. They can help them resolve their fiscal difficulties without hassles. The rate of interest charged for these finances is high and default in repayment can result in payment of high fine.

This finance scheme can be utilized for various purposes like for repairing your car, improvement in your house, payment of pending bills and so on. These finances are secured and unsecured. In the secured you are required to place collateral and in the unsecured form, you do not have to place security. The amount offered to you ranges from £200 to £25,000 and the repayment time is 1 to 25 years. To apply for this advance you can even apply online.

There are online lenders providing this scheme. You just have to search through various websites. You have to fill in the online form with the relevant details required. If he or she qualifies for the monetary facility, and the lenders are ready to grant this finance, then the amount is transferred to your checking bank account.

The eligibility conditions should to be fulfilled. The conditions are that you should be a citizen of UK, you should be above 18 years of age, you should have a regular source of income and you should have a bank account.

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Michael Oliver is working as financial consultant for Loans for People with Bad Credit and providing its valuable advice to its customers. To find bad credit loans, loans for people with bad credit, payday loans for people with bad credit, unsecured loans for people with bad credit, student loans for people with bad credit and instant loans for people with bad credit. Visit at

If your credit card has a high interest rate, you may be able to do something about it – with a little luck and a few simple negotiating skills. commissioned a poll asking 1,000 credit card holders whether they’d ever negotiated for a lower credit card APR (Annual Percentage Rate). Only 23 percent of the cardholders we asked had ever asked for an interest rate reduction. But of those who did, two out of three scored a lower rate.

The bottom line? It pays to negotiate. We got one credit card user to help us read through a negotiating script that’s available on

Tony Rodriguez, credit card user: I’ve never done it, but I have called and talked to customer service and when I asked them they just made it seem like it wasn’t going to happen.

Kristin Wong, Are you willing to try it again today?

Rodriguez: Yeah, absolutely.

Wong: Ok, me too! Let’s get started.

Once you have a customer service representative on the phone, tell them your name and your customer history.

Rodriguez: My name is Tony, and I’ve been a Chase card customer for over 10 years. I feel like I’ve been a good customer, and I would like to lower my interest rate. Do you have the authority to do that?

After stating your name and your case, at this point, the representative will likely say, no. In that case, simply ask for a supervisor.

Rodriguez: Is there any way I can talk to a supervisor?

Once you have a supervisor on the line, you’re ready to name your rate.

Rodriguez: My interest rate is just a little bit high I was wondering if there was any way we can get it down to 10 percent?

If they decline, ask if they have a different rate in mind.

Rodriguez: Is there another rate we can work out?

If they say no, you could ask to close your account. But you should only do that if you’re ready to follow through.

Rodriguez: OK, in that case I’d like to close my account and finish off paying my balance under the old terms.

Be aware that when you close accounts, it increases your credit utilization ratio, which accounts for 30 percent of your credit score. Your credit utilization is the percentage of available credit that you’re using.

Tony didn’t have any luck lowering his score. But let’s see how it worked for me:

Wong: I’ve been a Capital One customer for a few years now and I feel like I’ve been a good customer. And I just wanted to see if I could lower my interest rate. Do you have the authority to do that?

Wong (responding to representative’s offer): 12 percent for the next seven months? Could you go to 10 percent?

Wong (responding): OK, so right now you said I was at 16 percent variable but you could do 12 percent for the next, I’m sorry how many months was it? — OK, that would be great. Bye.

Wong: So, Capital One, I didn’t even have to ask for a supervisor or anything. In fact they offered to just lower my rate. That was really easy. All I had to do was call and basically ask if he had the authority to lower my interest rate. And he said “Yeah, sure. In fact here is what I can lower it to.” I tried to counteroffer with an even lower rate and he said no. But the point is, I called and I asked and I actually got a lower rate and it was really easy.

Wong (to Rodriguez): That wasn’t fair!

Rodriguez : I know.

Wong: They said something about – “That’s been your interest rate from the beginning.” So maybe if they hiked it up, you could call back and negotiate with them, lowering it down to what it was or something.

Rodriguez: Yeah.

Wong: Are you going to try it again in six months?

Rodriguez: Yeah I’m always going to keep trying. It’s worth a shot.

When it comes to haggling over your interest rate, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Kristin Wong,

Index Annuity Crediting Methods

a list annuity earns interested according to an outside monetary index, like the S&P 500. Interest which credited into annuity is dependant on a formula that’s from the underlying list. An index annuity also is typically guaranteed to spend a minimum rate of interest in order that people don’t lose their preliminary financial investment premiums.

One of the more crucial features in determining the specific interest obtained on a contract is the crediting technique familiar with assess the number of change in the root index. The three most frequent practices tend to be annual reset (ratcheting), high-water level, and point-to-point:

Annual Reset
• Interest is determined by comparing the index worth after the contract 12 months utilizing the list value at the beginning of the contract 12 months. Interest is added every year for the term for the agreement.

High-Water Mark
• Using this strategy, the index worth is recorded at numerous points with time through the term regarding the agreement. Usually, the yearly anniversary can be used due to the fact reference points. Interest is added at the end of the agreement and is in line with the distinction between the greatest list worth as well as the beginning index worth.

• The final method pays interest at the conclusion of the contract, just like the high-water mark technique. However, extent is dependant on the difference between the list worth after the term and list price at the beginning of the agreement.

These three techniques may produce comparable outcomes over one time period or considerably various outcomes during another. It is important that people study the options that exist regarding the annuity list annuity plan they’re contemplating because there tend to be unique pros and cons for every technique.

The yearly reset technique has the benefit your interest is reevaluated annually which future decreases within the list cannot impact the interest that was won in previous years. The drawback for annual reset is the fact that participation price may alter every year. Generally, its amount is likely to be less than various other indexing practices. Often this method is also combined with a cap regarding the amount of interest that can be gained in confirmed agreement year.

The benefit of the high-water level technique is the fact that an individual may obtain a greater quantity of interest than other practices if list reaches increased point towards start or center for the contract, then falls at the end of the agreement term. But the drawbacks tend to be that technique occasionally comes with a cap and a lower life expectancy involvement price than other practices. Besides, some agreements declare that in the event that annuitant surrenders the contract prior to the end of term, then your interest is forfeited.

The last technique, point-to-point, has got the benefit that many associated with contracts have a higher participation price than other index annuity methods since interest may not be calculated before the end for the plan. However, like with the high-water level technique, some agreements will not pay interest in the event that annuity is surrenders ahead of the term has ended.

The three index annuity crediting practices discussed above appear comparable, however, the index-linked interest that’s compensated on an annuity will greatly be determined by which technique is employed when it comes to certain plan. For that reason, it is necessary that people weigh the pros and cons of every strategy and select the main one best suited to economy styles.

To learn more from Steven on how best to invest in annuities and typical investment blunders, go to their Fixed Annuities Guide. For more information on acquiring your pension via index annuities, look at the Index Annuity Guide.

Relevant Credit Card Interest Rate Articles

Latest Credit Card Interest Rate News

Secret perks: Why department store clerks are so pushy about credit cards
If a customer’s application is approved, they may get a 10% or 15% discount on their purchase, but they also walk away with one of the highest interest rate credit cards on the market (Macy’s charges a flat APR of 24.5%). If their application is …
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6 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Store Credit Card
About half of all Americans will incur interest charges at some point in the year if they carry a balance on their credit cards. For these cardholders, it’s vital to examine the standard interest rate of a card. Unfortunately, store credit cards may …
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Low interest payday loans: Get payday loans at fairly lower interest rates!

Want payday loans at relatively lower rates of interest? If yes, you’ll submit an application for low interest payday loans. These loans are receiving relatively reduced interest levels! They are mainly suitable for temporary needs. You’ll be happy to learn, contrary to the lent quantity, you don’t need to put any safety. They’re quick unsecured loans!


You could utilize quantity gotten through low interest payday advances for satisfaction of various needs, including having to pay electricity invoices, telephone expenses, fixing unexpected breakdown in car, making monthly payments, satisfying accidental problems, having to pay child’s tuition charge, going on small getaway trips with family members, an such like.


To be able to have amount through low interest rate payday loans, you’ll want to be considered a couple of easy demands! For applying, you should be both 18 years or maybe more than that. Besides, you need to be on a regular basis used by at the very least last half a year. Also, you should be having fixed monthly earnings. Besides, for facilitating exchange, you should be having an energetic bank account.


In low-value interest payday loans, you might apply for amount differing from £100 to £1,500. On the basis of the borrowed quantity, payment term may vary roughly from 2 to 4 weeks. Repayment after due-date might cost you extra fees or charges. So, make an effort to make payment punctually!  


While granting approval for low interest pay day loans, loan providers tend to be minimum enthusiastic about borrower’s credit history! Indeed, these loans are supplied without having any credit check! Therefore, you are liberated to use despite issues like property foreclosure, nation legal Judgments, arrears, bankruptcy, insolvency, skipped payments, and so forth.


For low priced payday advances , application remains available online. Therefore, making a credit card applicatoin can be done on comfort of house or office! In online process, no faxing of document is needed! No face to face conferences are required! Merely, you need to fill number of your individual details in short and easy internet based form. On line procedure additionally helps in quicker handling of presented application. Money gets transferred within account as soon as the endorsement procedure is finished! It is advisable to do a little analysis and compare free online estimates, before making an application!

Asmin Golf features completed his M.B.A. Now he’s being employed as a senior financial expert with loans. To obtain additional information on payday advances, payday loan UK, low priced payday loan, low interest pay day loan, cheap cash advance payday loans please visit

Related Credit Card Rate Of Interest Articles

Rising Interest Rates = Rising Property Value

People think that as interest levels increase, residential property costs flatten, and/or fall. This belief is at times warranted as a result of sentiment that home should drop whenever interest rates boost, along with a really short term fall in auction approval prices.

But once we go through the fundamental good reason why interest levels are increased by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and overlay this with company confidence and last home cost performance, we arrive at a tremendously different summary.

So just why does the RBA increase the cash rate? The solution is increased investing. This enhanced spending is not just from business, but from the mums and dads spending more about holidays, garments, automobiles, whitegoods and renovations.

Whenever economy sees, rising prices begins to kick in. Rising prices indicates increases inside cost of items, solutions and assets. Yes, your garments will surely cost more purchase, that locks slice will definitely cost more next month, the holiday will cost above last years, your stocks increases in worth therefore the biggest asset that a lot of Australians rely on for wealth buildup (their house) increases in worth.

Home prices usually do not autumn whenever rates of interest enhance. Once we have observed before, home prices tend to begin an upward rise BEFORE interest rates begin to rise. When the RBA claims there are more increases to come, just what do you believe astute people are performing? Ask the very best 1per cent of affluent retirees what they did many years ago THEY BOUGHT and HELD investment property!

The following 8 to 10 years is possibly the very last opportunity to make good capital growth through residential property when it comes to the aging process baby boomers plus the start of a property relationship for Gen X and Y.

In the event that you study when rates of interest started initially to increase and entered double digit numbers into the mid 70s, belated 80s and very early 2000s and compare that which was occurring with home rates simultaneously, interest hikes coincided with residential property prices going through the roofing.

Will history repeat itself? Only the future will inform.

Just before rush out and purchase another financial investment home (and/or very first) be sure to contact any office to learn more about how buying property may be right for you. Every circumstance is different and needs to-be looked at on someone foundation. Wed be thrilled to research this to you.

*Disclaimer: This article is general in nature. All investment choices should be thought about wisely and predicated on your private and financial circumstances. Look for proper guidance before investing in any length of financial investment activity. This is simply not deemed as advice.

Tony at APD Lending solutions located in Brisbane, can help you get the very best mortgage loan for your circumstances. For more information kindly check out mortgages Sunshine Coast

How exactly does Credit Card Interest Influence You? –

CreditSense offers the most useful information and tools on line to that particular customers need to make feeling of the vast array of credit solutions for them these days.

We’re constantly reviewing and monitoring the essential present charge cards, benefits programs and incentives, and credit industry news to present you the information you need to create knowledgeable choices when applying for credit cards, or any other credit products.

Our easy-to-use charge card comparison tool, displays a customized directory of the very best bank cards to ensure that it is simple to compare qualities such as for example incentives, interest levels, yearly charges, 0% balance transfer options and eventually understand which credit cards most readily useful match your requirements.

We understand that obtaining a credit card is one-step in building a fruitful credit score, we are aimed at assisting customers utilize their credit sensibly and responsibly.

Having provided consulting services to credit industry consumers such Fair Isaac, Visa and Wells Fargo, our experienced credit experts keep you informed with sound advice, and important information to help you navigate today’s credit landscape and work out the proper economic choices.

Whether you’ve got a great credit rating and they are checking into the most readily useful rewards cards or programs on the market, or if you don’t have any credit or bad credit and want to start rebuilding your credit, CreditSense tends to make finding approaches to your credit requires simple.

When you have a question or concern feel free to contact us, and now we’ll do our better to answr fully your concern when we could.

For the time being you might want to peek at our Credit Card FAQ to see when we’ve already answered your question.

Take into account that we have been not affiliated with any banking institutions or credit card providers but we will do our better to help.

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Knowing More About Credit Card Processing Rates ? Fees To Watch Out For

Business owners may not be aware that their expenses are way overboard and as result, they can’t stay on top of everything. They don’t’ know that they need to pay for credit card processing fees. Whether you are just starting a business, you would to hire a merchant account that would meet your needs. No matter how you look at it, unfortunately the expenses are too much. These fees can be under your radar without your detecting. If you have a merchant account, here are the culprits. If you know about the fees, you can calculate your business expenses.

Transaction Fee – It is a charge for gateway fee, network fee and even fraud detection. There are providers who may hide these charges. Always do a research and subtract it to your revenue.

Set up Fee – Most account providers forgo this if you sign with them.

High Risk or International Fee – High Risk businesses are the one paying for these fees to help get your approval. It often paid annually but you need to check if the company charges them.

Charge Back Fee – A customer may dispute the processing this is due to security and application of laws. This is a challenge to merchant.

Termination Fee – For those who are planning to stop the merchant account contract, this needs to be paid. Before signing the contract set this record straight.

Termination Fee – As a business owner, it is advisable that prior to signing the contract ask about their termination fees first. In case you are not satisfied with their service, you can easily cancel the contract without worrying about the cost.

Refund Fees – You would need to pay this when customers get refund. You should also pay for fraud labor transactions.

Before signing a contract with a merchant account provider, there is no doubt there are fees are involved which is you are required to pay. This would include set up fees, transaction fees, refund fees and others. These can be deducted in your account without your knowledge.

To learn more about merchant account rates and payment processing fees visit

Merchant Services – Understanding the Rates and Fees Associated With Credit Card Processing

The rates that merchants get charged to process bankcards are called Discount rates, Item fees, and Monthly statement fees.

Discount rates are typically broken down in several categories called Interchange. Although interchange may include 100%2B different rates that change yearly, usually an increase passed on by Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. However, most cases ISO’s (Independent Sales Organizations) charge these discount rates into what is called bucket rates to the merchant. These bucket rates include: Qualified, Mid- Qualified, and Non-Qualified rates.

Qualified rates are bankcards that are swiped with customer card present, and do not reflect any kind of reward credit cards such as: Flyer miles, Bonus cash, or any kind of Incentives for the cardholder. Qualified has the lowest discount rate that gets charged to the merchant. The reason for this is because there is a lower chance for the merchant to get a chargeback and less risk for both the merchant and Visa/MasterCard to absorb the cost of accepting a fraudulent bankcard. Qualified rates can range from 1.65%-1.95% (depending on type of business).
Mid-Qualified rates are bankcards that are not present or known as keyed-in transactions. For example: Phone orders or Cards that won’t swipe. Furthermore, Reward cards also fall into the mid-qualified category as well. In essence, Mid-Qualified has a higher discount rate that is charged to the merchant because of the keyed-in and reward bankcards. If a bankcard is not present it has a higher risk of being a fraudulent card because there is no way to verify card holder identity. Reward cards on the other hand, fall into the mid-qualified category because it is in fact the merchant that absorbs the cost of Visa/MasterCard’s ability to offer the incentives that are involved with a reward card. Mid-Qualified rates range from .85%-1.29% (depending on type of business) in addition to the Qualified rate.
Non-Qualified rates are Business, Corporate, and International bankcards. Non-Qualified has the highest discount rate that is ever charged to the merchant. There are several reasons why this is the case. The bankcards that fall in this category either have the highest limits or highest risks possible. Business and Corporate usually have the highest card limits and the processing company, upon approval, deposit the funds into the merchants account before the processing company itself has received the funds. International cards are the highest risk and require the most verification of all bankcards. Furthermore, more cases than not, the processing company has to calculate and withdraw the rate of exchange of what ever Countries’ currency to the U.S. dollar. The discount rate in the Non-qualified category is the same whether the bankcard is present (swiped) or not (keyed). Non-Qualified rates range from 1.12%-1.63% (depending on type of business) in addition to the Qualified rate.

Item fees are charged in addition to the discount rate. These fees are reflected every time a merchant receives a bankcard in which an approval is obtained or the merchant has to Settle (batch out) all the transactions of that day. In order for an approval to be obtained or batch out for the day, the terminal has to dial out. A Cent per transaction is charged to the merchant every time the terminal has to dial out. Typically, 18-20 cents (depending on type of business) is charged per dial out.

Monthly Statement Fees are what merchants get charged to receive a monthly report of transactions and discount fees. They receive this statement at the end of every month so that they can tally into their accounting what revenue they’ve received from bankcards. This is the same statement that ISA’s (Independent Sales Agents) review and analyze when consulting with a merchant to convert from the merchant’s current ISO. Statement fees are usually between $ 7.50-$ 10 a month (depending on type of business).

Note: You will find these Fees on your Merchant Processing Statement.

Derrick Tulali- Independent Merchant Account Specialist and Owner of Innovative Business Solutions

Latest Credit Card Interest Rate News

Image from web page 313 of “After five years : the quinquennial record for the course of 1908, Princeton college” (1914)
charge card rate of interest
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: afterfiveyearsqu1908prin
Title: After 5 years : the quinquennial record regarding the class of 1908, Princeton college
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Authors: Princeton University. Course of 1908 Clothier, Robert C. (Robert Clarkson), 1885-1970
Subjects: Princeton University
Publisher: [Princeton?] : The Class
Contributing Library: Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
Digitizing Sponsor: Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center

See Book Page: Book audience
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Click here to view book on line to see this example in context in a browseable on line version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
a course of red-blooded, live men,almost two-thirds either cannot take in anyway roughly slightly it isonly a cut-and-dried formal aflfair. REPORT OF FUNDS INSIDE CLASS TREASURY Receipts Feb. i6, 1913—Cash at hand (turned-over to R. C.Clothier, performing Secretary by J. L. Kauffman,retiring Secretary) .96 July 2y, 1913—Repayment of loans previously built to 1908 Reunion Committee 145-05 Sept. 17, 1913—Gift to Class made by G. M. Over-ton (divided similarly between Memorial Fund and Record Fund) 100.00 8.01 repayments June 24, 1913—Postage on Class Bulletin, mimeo-graphing expenses and field lease -0^ Sept. 26, 1913—To A. C. Studer (Memorial investment) @ Overtons gift 50-00 Sept. 26, 1913—To the Record Committee @ Over-tons gift 50-00 Dec. 20, 1913—Postage stamps for basic class communication 10.00 Jan. 2, 1914—To University Press @ Class cards and incidentals 9-^6 4.28 Feb. I, 1914—Balance available 3.73 Respectfully provided, R. C. Clothier,Secretary and Treasurer. 271

Text Appearing After Image:
REPORT OF THIS MEMORIAL FUND COMMITTEE The course, through its Memorial Fund Committee is pledged tothe University inside amount of ,000.00 becoming paid in the rate of,000.00 per year. This agreement called for the first payment in1910, couple of years after graduation, and ended up being made. Nothing wasgiven in 1911, but in 1912 another payment of ,000.00 was compensated. InAugust, 1913, 0.00 ended up being paid. You will find throughout 139 guys inside Class who’ve ever offered anythingto the Memorial Fund. All of the 139 are not regular customers.Of the 139 whom pledged on their own not more than 50 have paid allfive installments. RECAPITULATION Paid to Treasurer of University In July 1910 ,000.00 In July 1912 2,000.00 In Aug. 1913 900.00 ,900.00There has-been interest (including interest to Jan. i, 1914, of .16) $ 298.17 Complete amount to the credit for the 1908 Memorial Fund. .,198.17 Amount on deposit in Montclair Trust Company on Jan. 14, 1914 281.98 Complete credit ,480.17 Complete costs from 1908 up to now $ 187.8

Note About Pictures
Please note these images are obtained from scanned page photos that’ll are digitally improved for readability – color and look of these pictures may not completely look like the first work.

Shop charge card interest can outweigh cost savings
A recent study discovered the typical retail store’s charge card costs a 23.43 per cent rate of interest — greater than the average 15 percent for many other credit rating cards. The research looked at 62 cards from 42 merchants, every one of …
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