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How to protect yourself from tax ID theft
Anna Marie Millett is an investigator with the Consumer Protection agency of Pinellas County. “Florida is No. 1 for identity theft in general and we’ve held that position for several years in a row. Thieves are looking for the opportunity and tax …
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An Ounce of Prevention…Is Tax-Free: IRS Expands Tax Relief to Pre-Data Breach
As reported here [], after last year’s customer data security breaches at major U.S. corporations, the IRS announced special tax relief for identity protection services …
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Identity Theft Protection Tips For Santa Clarita Residents Selling Cars

Identity Theft Protection Tips For Santa Clarita Residents Selling Cars
Caution is advised to anybody in the Santa Clarita Valley who is selling a car, as some thieves may be able to access personal information left in the car. Don’t miss a thing. Get breaking Santa Clarita news alerts delivered right to your inbox …
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Identity Theft Protection Tips Given By The City Of Santa Clarita
Ed. Note: The following is a news release provided by the city of Santa Clarita. The city of Santa Clarita has released tips to help its citizens prevent identity theft. Don’t miss a thing. Get breaking Santa Clarita news alerts delivered right to your …
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Latest Identity Theft Prevention News

Dothan police to host an ID theft prevention workshop
The identity theft prevention workshop will be held from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at the Dothan Police Department’s Community Service Division office located at 620 Sixth Ave. in Dothan. The workshop is free and open to the public, but has limited seating and …
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National Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month
Not only is December one of the biggest shopping months of the year, it’s also Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month. Arvest Bank representatives say thieves usually use your account for smaller purchases of $ 50 or $ 100 to not draw any attention.
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Top 5 Ways To Prevent Identity Theft

The world-wide-web changed just how folks communicate and access information permanently. How men and women connect to remote loved ones and buddies as an example, will never end up being the same. In one single click of a button, we are able to connect with different people no matter geographical boundaries. Just how we conduct business and transact professionally features considerably developed as well. People today can avail goods and services and pay merchants digitally.

This is why, disconnecting from community can appear to be a nonnegotiable thing. For most people, it might appear like disconnecting through the other countries in the world. But once we be connected to the internet, we have are more subjected to data protection threats like identification theft. In a time, when the Internet is actually an important tool for most of our jobs, just how can we prevent a threat like this from victimizing united states? Listed here will talk about in details what the signs of identification theft tend to be, and exactly how men and women can practice id theft security precisely.

Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

Before learning the basic principles in avoiding identification theft, it is necessary to understand very first what exactly is identification theft. Identity takes place when somebody steals various other people’s information that is personal such charge card account information and personal safety quantity. The thief will present him/herself as victim and use the stolen information for deceptive reasons.

Considering the nevertheless flawed information protection methods of the Internet today, you may possibly easily come to be a prey of those causes if you’re perhaps not cautious adequate. Thieves nowadays can use higher level tactics to get to you love, computer viruses, phishing attacks, skilled skimming devices and misleading adverts. Hence, becoming aware and watchful among these signs of identity theft will usually offer you an initial type of security toward id theft avoidance. Aside from this, listed here are various other useful techniques on how you are able to protect your self from identification theft:

Get a backup hard drive for the data – It is not safe to keep all files in a single area only. As soon as a virus attacks one’s body, everything inside primary storage can get infected. You become very at risk of deceptive assaults when this occurs.
Constantly back-up your file no matter where you retain them – whether you believe your mail storage is less dangerous, it is usually better to hold a back-up someplace else. Electronic copies are not indestructible. They could get damaged also, or even worse, hacked.
Be wary in mailing – Malwares in many cases are sent as e-mail attachments. Continually be skeptical about weird and questionable accessories. You will desire to be inquisitive of strangers whom email you. You would not would you like to simply provide them with your social security quantity because they tell you which you won anything, which requires identification verification.
Consumer error can also be harmful – Be wary of your very own errors too. Always be attentive of everything send and upload online. Click with caution, as there is no such thing as an accidentally sent social protection quantity to a stranger who is demonstrably pretending as an IRS staff member.
Often, it still will pay to keep hard copies – specially with formal papers; it helps to own a printed back-up, that should be kept in a secured place.

Although there are most data defense programs available for sale, being able to exercise id theft avoidance yourself provides a lot of protection. Through this, you are able to certain your own actions won’t jeopardize your own personal information.

Identification theft is a significant concern these days. It can’t be treated indifferently because the effects could possibly get you into years of monetary and appropriate predicaments. As accountable individuals, we can not make use of technology without having to be wary about information protection. Its our responsibility to rehearse effective identification theft avoidance and protect ourselves because of these fraudsters.

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Even more kiddies than ever are getting to be victims of identity theft. CBS Information business and business economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis speaks towards “CBS This Morning” co-hosts concerning the five things you need to know to guard your self, along with your kid.
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Relevant Identification Theft Prevention Posts

Increase In Identity Theft

For those of you who think identity theft is not a matter to be bothered about, think again. Identity theft can be detrimental to your entire life and everything involved with your life. As much as 11.1 million adults were victims of identity theft in 2009. The total fraud amount was $ 54 million.

The chilling facts about identity thefts also include that identity thefts usually are committed while you least expect and from the areas you least expect. About 13% of identity fraud crimes in 2009 were committed by people who knew the victim very well. The victims had to spend sleepless hours resolving the crime.

To understand how identity thefts occur we should understand what constitutes identity theft. Identity theft is stealing your identity through accessing your personal information such as social security number, bank details etc. Identity theft is a fraud in which someone pretends to be someone else and accesses benefits by impersonating a person. The benefits may include new accounts or obtaining a new credit card etc. The person whose identity has been stolen can suffer irreparable damage for such consequences as suffer embarrassment, loss of reputation and financial loss. He or she may be held responsible and accountable for the thief’s misdeeds. Apart from the material benefits that the fraudsters may stand to gain through identity theft there are other types of perpetration involved. Sensitive data transfer can be done through identity theft.

There are many reasons why identity theft has increased in our country over the last few years. Despite the fact that consumers are far more alert now to prevent identity theft and also taking action for it, this fraud has been on the rise. While you can assign the blame for this to many things the most important factors are an extended recession and increasing unemployment. The state of being unemployed often tempts a person to steal a social security number or credit card and compromise on that information. Your credentials are an easy meat for the fraudsters who access your personal information and reap benefits out of this.

No safety procedure is less important when we want to protect our identity. Physically block all personal information from public access. Have a check on people who are accessing your information. Any information that is out of use should be shredded and not just torn to pieces. Filter all mail boxes making sure no mail is touched by any impostor. Never give out information over the phone and be careful when you give information in the public. Limit access to systems and lock all the sensitive information in safe places. Be generous while placing firewalls and anti hacker softwares. Put security policies at place and make sure no sensitive information is leaked on Internet or any other public channel. One important precaution for employers is to be wary of ex employers who may leak information about the company to outsiders.

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Related Identity Theft Prevention Articles

Laptop Theft Prevention

Computers, especially the portable ones such as netbooks and laptops, are highly vulnerable to theft as several businesses use the computing systems while travelling or use them as mobile offices.

The alarming rate at which the laptops are being stolen lately is a cause of concern, thanks to the a growing line of laptop theft prevention products that address designed to secure and recover your computer. Still there is no reason to get paranoid, you can take steps to prevent laptop theft and help ensure computer security.

Basic steps you need to take to ensure laptop security

Not to leave the laptop or PC in sight in vehicle that is not locked.
While travelling, carry the laptop in briefcase or anything that will not identify it as laptop to a third person. To carry a laptop in a computer or laptop bag is itself an invitation to the laptop thieves.
Carry the laptop along with you even if you have to leave it for a short break from a meeting or a conference or even at the hotel lounge.
Lock the laptop when you have no use with it in a closed cabinet or even secure it to your table or desk using a laptop lock.
Identify your laptop with unique markings with the help of acrylic paints or even use markings on the laptop case to identify it easily.
Keeping backing up all the data as frequent as possible and store the backed up data on a secure disk or any other means thereof.
Note the model as well as the serial number of the laptop, so to enable tracking it easily in case of theft (should the manufacturer be made aware of the number and the loss and should the thief take it to the manufacturer for any service the numbers will help identify your laptop).

Secure the laptop against theft
There are various laptop locks as well as other devices to deter anyone from running off with your laptop.

There are many laptop lock companies that manufacture big line of anti-theft laptop lock products that guarantee computer security. While a few manufacturers specialize in anti-theft products for various brands of laptops including laptop locks, laptop carts, etc such as for Apple iMac, Apple laptops, Dell laptops, HP/Compaq laptops etc.

To have a mobile alarm installed on the laptop is always a good idea
In general, the mobile alarms are designed to go as and when the sensors detect motion or mobility of the computer (when the laptop is moved off predetermined area). Although these are designed for theft protection of laptops, they are even used to secure PCs.

Use of laptop tracking devices
There are a good number of laptop tracking devices designed to help locate the stolen laptop incase of theft and there are also devices to protect the data stored on the laptop.

There are many online laptop locks stores but not all have the high-security good laptop locks. If you want one high security low profile laptop lock then the x-Trap laptop lock should be for you. From universal to specific laptop computer security hardware, the offers good computer security solutions.

Related Identity Theft Prevention Articles

Latest Identity Theft Prevention News

ARAG Reports: New Identity Theft Data Shows Risk is Unchanged, More People
DES MOINES, Iowa, Sept. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — ARAG, a leader in legal insurance, reports in 2014, 85 percent of people took steps to prevent identity theft. Checking credit reports, shredding documents with personal information and changing …
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State Rep. Wheeler hosts identity theft prevention seminar in Geneva
GENEVA – Fox Valley residents are invited to attend an identity theft prevention seminar sponsored by state Rep. Keith Wheeler, R-Oswego, and the Illinois Attorney General’s Office at 10 a.m. Monday, Sept. 28, at GreenFields of Geneva, at 0N801 …
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Placer County sheriff offers identity theft prevention class
Detectives Scott Alford and Dan Meier, financial crimes experts, will discuss problems law enforcement agencies encounter in such cases and what people can do to protect themselves from identity theft. The seminar will provide information on reducing …
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Identity Theft Prevention Tips

You cannot think about any certain method of identity theft avoidance as success formula on a permanent basis, since today thieves have become both skilled and innovative. But some particular processes enables you to reduce steadily the level of victimization. Listed here are a number of the significant procedures, which might be convenient, or inconvenient with regards to the scenario.


The charge cards should always be finalized regularly so the identification thieves may find it hard to forge the trademark. But, this method is helpful while monitoring the unlawful in the foreseeable future, not to avoid the unintended utilization of card, as of many events, the salesperson usually do not bother to check the trademark. The expression ‘SEE ID’ may be added before the signature, for incorporating the additional security also.


The additional sum of money, empty inspections, credit cards, passport, or any other kind of ID, that is not likely to be utilized on a certain day, should not be carried by the person.


It is always recommended to not ever carry the personal Security Number unnecessarily. Furthermore, this quantity should never be properly used as a password or mentioned regarding inspections.


The PIN number is held secret by recalling similar and utmost care ought to be taken that the PIN isn’t written down on a bit of report. Often, men and women invite trouble by writing the PIN regarding back region of the card, and also the minute they drop their particular card, all of the money is gone.


Selecting a difficult password plus the PIN numbers might be beneficial in identity theft prevention. The typical passwords such as for example date of delivery, contact number, sequential number and name of the individual is averted is regarding less dangerous side. The code utilizing the eight characters or even more is considered becoming quite safe.


Keep in mind, the non-public identification documents, purse or wallet must certanly be held in a safe spot so that they may not be positioned by the criminals with great simplicity.


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