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Here’s how to fight back against rampant ID theft, tax-refund fraud

Here’s how exactly to react against widespread ID theft, tax-refund fraud
The Internal sales provider given out $ 5.8 billion in deceptive refunds in 2013, based on a January 2015 General Accounting Office income tax and identity theft report. Thus, the IRS has exposed a unique office and product to carry out identity-theft cases.

Identity Under Wraps: Steer Clear Of Social Protection Identity Theft
First, everytime which you look online, you are in danger of identification theft if these details is stolen with one of the numerous strategies employed by internet based predators that stalk the dark areas of the internet. Furthermore, in case your computer system is ever before …
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5 ways to avoid identity theft throughout the breaks: Tracy S. Burke
But before you swipe that card or click buy this December, that is also identification Theft Awareness Month, you ought to consider safeguarding your own personal information. Sadly, identity theft has actually quickly become the fastest growing problem …
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How to avoid identity theft during the holidays
“You have to start with the premise that breaches have become the third certainty in life,” says Adam Levin, author of the book Swiped: How to Protect Yourself in a World Full of Scammers, Phishers, and Identity Thieves. Last year, fraudsters stole $ 16 …
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How to avoid identity theft during holiday shopping
YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – With so many transactions being made, Christmas-time is a prime opportunity for identity thieves to get your information. Once they have your personal information, they can drain your bank account, run up numerous charges …

Hampstead residents urged to be vigilant against identity theft

Image from page 134 of “Astronomy for amateurs” (1904)
identity thieves
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: astronomyforamat00flam
Title: Astronomy for amateurs
Year: 1904 (1900s)
Authors: Flammarion, Camille, 1842-1925 Welby, Frances A. (Frances Alice) tr
Subjects: Astronomy
Publisher: New York, D. Appleton and company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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Text Appearing Before Image:
m-merce, and of thieves. One only sees him furtively,from time to time, at the periods of his greatest elonga-tions, either after the setting or before the rising of theradiant orb, when he presents the aspect of a somewhatreddish star. This planet, like the others, shines only by the re-flection of the Sun whose illumination he receives, andas he is in close juxtaposition with it, his light is brightenough, though his volume is inconsiderable. He issmaller than the Earth. His revolution round the Sunbeing accomplished in about three months, he passesrapidly, in a month and a half, from one side to theother of the orb of day, and is alternately a morningand an evening star. The ancients originally regardedit as two separate planets; but with attentive obser- 114 THE PLANETS vation, they soon perceived its identity. In our some-what foggy cHmates, it can only be discovered once ortwice a year, and then only by looking for it accordingto the indications given in the astronomic almanacs.

Text Appearing After Image:
Co; days Fig. 32.—Orbits of the four Planets nearest to the Sun. Mercury courses round the Sun at a distance of57,000,000 kilometers (35,000,000 miles), and accom-plishes his revolution in 87 days, 23 hours, 15 minutes;t. e., 2 months, 27 days, 23 hours, or a little less thanthree of our months. If the conditions of life are the9 115 ASTRONOMY FOR AMATEURS same there as here, the existence of the Mercuriansmust be four times as short as our own. A youth oftwenty, awaking to the promise of the Hfe he is justbeginning in this world, is an octogenarian in Mercury. xjcars /Neptune

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Hampstead residents urged to be vigilant against identity theft
The Town of Hampstead posted an advisory urging residents to prevent and report instances of identity theft and identity fraud. The advisory comes after town public security officers alerted Montreal police to a case of alleged identity theft. On Oct …
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Identity theft suspect arrested, convicted after lengthy investigation
BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A Williamsville man convicted of past felonies has been convicted of another four felonies after police investigated him for identity theft. Officers investigated David Miller, 51, after JC Penney loss prevention staff reported …

Identity Theft: Local resident faces tough battle
“The Federal Trade Commission is responsible for receiving and processing complaints from people who believe they may be victims of identity theft, providing informational materials to those people, and referring those complaints to appropriate …
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Protecting Your Deceased Loved Ones From Identity Theft
According to the IRS, the identities of 2.5 million deceased Americans are stolen each year. Thieves take advantage of the fact that it can take months for official notice of a death to reach credit bureaus, the IRS and other interested parties. Plus …
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The one weird trick that can help fend off identity thieves
“All states give you the right to place free security freezes if you can prove that you are an identity theft victim,” according to the report. If you haven’t been an identity theft victim before, there are seven states, including New York and Colorado …
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How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Identity Theft
Report the identity theft to the police. Ask for a copy of the report to show your creditors and financial institutions if necessary. Contact each of the three major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union) and report the theft to …

Broward ID thieves imprisoned after burglar tattles on them
… that he saw evidence of credit card and identity theft fraud. Spivey and Austin reported to police that their house was burglarized twice and allowed law enforcement officials, who pretended they were investigating the break-ins, into their home in …
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ID Thieves Use Switch to ‘Chip’ Credit Cards as Fresh Scam Bait
Confusion over the switchover to new “chip” credit and debit cards and delays in getting those cards into the hands of consumers are creating a golden opportunity for identity thieves, experts say. When surveyed the marketplace at the …

The one weird trick that can help fend off identity thieves
“All states give you the right to place free security freezes if you can prove that you are an identity theft victim,” according to the report. If you haven’t been an identity theft victim before, there are seven states, including New York and Colorado …
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Social Networking Sites – An Easy Catch For Identity Thieves

Millions of people worldwide subscribe to social networking sites.  Famous sites boast for their huge membership. Registration process of these sites requires you to provide basic personal details about you. That’s fine. However, when you proceed to create a web page on your account, you are tempted to give more personal information which you would not have given to strangers. 

Your page is open for viewing to all the users and anyone can pick up important details from there.  If you enter the details like date of birth, place of work, your mother’s maiden name and names of spouses or partners, they are all strategic ones and they would not have been available to strangers so easily otherwise. 

On the basis of this information, thieves may be able to impersonate.  They may also be able to guess your passwords.  In addition, you may get some phishing e-mails.  If you inadvertently respond to such e-mails, you may be furnishing valuable details to the thieves.

If you want to minimize the risk of fraud, there are very simple strategies –

1. You should only use your first name on an alias instead of your full name on these sites. Your friends should be interested in your first name!

2. You can always share information with others but try to avoid posting your phone numbers or workplace information or names of your family members or nearest relatives.

3. When you register for social networking sides, open a new email account and provide it for registration purposes.  This e-mail account should be different than your normal account so that you can avoid all junk mail in your normal account.

4. You should ignore requests from strangers to be your friend.

5. You should not open e-mails unless and until you are sure about the sender.  There are many e-mails sent in the name of reputed financial institutions asking for your personal details and pin numbers.  It is always advisable to delete these mails even without opening them. The banks never ask your information through mails.

6. Customize your settings – You should set your privacy settings in such a manner that the strangers will have a limited access when they view your profile.

There is nothing wrong in participating in social networking sites.  That is part of your social life.  However, by being smart you can avoid providing strategic details and clues about your identity.  That will save you from all future headaches and perhaps thousands of dollars.

You get restless and annoyed when you suspect that someone has accessed and misused your financial details. Social networking sites open doors for identity thieves to get into your financial details. To get protection and peace of mind, you should submit your details smartly. Chintamani Abhyankar discusses some of the tactics in this article.

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Latest Identity Thieves News

Image from web page 625 of “The Wheel and cycling trade review” (1888)
identity thieves
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: wheelcyclingtrad11241newy
Title: The Wheel and cycling trade analysis
12 Months: 1888 (1880s)
Topics: Cycling Bicycles Cyclists
Publisher: New York : Wheel and Cycling Trade Evaluation
Adding Library: Smithsonian Libraries
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Text Appearing Before Image:
o hurt. There is a possibility that, within a fewmonths, the san francisco bay area Bicycle Club willjoin the Olympic Athletic Club in a body andthat, while keeping its identity as a bicycleclub, it will probably develop an annex into the Olympic. The Union Co. Roadsters, of Rahway, N. J.,will when it comes to 6th time hold a race meet on theirquarter mile track on July 4. Five available eventsare listed. The reward into the mile handicap is a5 racing wheel, especially built. Goldwatches and diamond rings will also be on theprize list. You will find thirty-three bike manufacturersin Coventry. Within Huddersfield conference, might 11, J. W.Beaumont won the twenty mile handicap fromscratch in 59m. 45s. Beaumont finished outthe some time covered 20 miles 155 yards. The Tourist Wheelmen, of Omaha, openedtheir new residence at 2O06 California Street, onMay 27, with a smoker and dinner. All theneighboring groups were represented, and thefestivities made the area ring withlaughter and tune until an early hour. DOUBTFUL GENEROSITY.

Text Appearing After-image:
Uncle Reuben-it towards the pigs. A REAL OCCURENCE.- Possess some more of this buttermilk, young men. We do not take in it ourselves. We feed i893- 29 THE PATTERN THIEF IN CHICAGO. UNUSUAL EFFORTS MAKING TO SUPPRESS HIM-NEGRO CYCLISTS TO CREATE A CLUB-HOUSE. Chicago, June 12, 1S93.The lifetime of the period thief features long sinceceased become a bed of roses in this city. ChiefMcClaughry, in the earnest solicitation of Mr.J. O. Blake, features detailed among the town detec-tives, Zies by name, to are accountable to Mr. Blakeevery morning and dedicate his whole time tothe data recovery of taken rims and detectionof the thieves. Mr. Blake is treasurer of theCycle Board of Trade of the city and is chair-man of their Bureau of Detection. Mr. C. R.Francis could be the lawyer associated with the Board of Trade.Since Detective Zies ended up being detailed on thehunt, from 1 to four taken rims have actually beenrecovered virtually every time, and what’s much better,the thieves have already been placed behind the taverns.Several so-called walls are now being carefullywatched and can

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Be Aware Of Identity Thieves Around

Lately, people have experienced the rising cases of identification theft that arouses the fearfulness about an overwhelming growth of one new sort of criminal activity. Identity theft is perhaps not fatally dangerous but is troublesome and results in financial loss, also a great amount of resource. There are numerous known reasons for considerable growth of this kinds of crime. At first, it’s quite easy to-do. The thieves can utilize both advanced and reduced tech ways to complete the package, which makes it become simple for everybody doing. Subsequently, the crime is hard to be traced promptly. In most cases, it really is far too late to recover losing an the theft currently had exactly what he desired.


What exactly is the most typical and oldest types of identity theft is personality identity theft or impersonation. This can be fairly easy to accomplish and effects could be serious.


One instance of personality identity theft is as straightforward as a girl posing as her sister. Because they look as being similar to each other, it absolutely was quite simple for her to impersonate her cousin. When she started committing crimes and fraud under the woman sister’s name, arrest warrants had been released on her behalf sibling.


An added instance is about a lady whoever purse got stolen by somebody she knew. Since they understand each other, it absolutely was less complicated for the thief to impersonate the target. The thief issued inspections the thief got inside purse. The theft has been reported to checks bounced. But becoming in target’s name, the lender moved after the woman alternatively.


Another situation is a man whoever wallet with all their IDs got taken. The thief, a newly circulated criminal, started identifying himself once the target. The thief resorted to criminal activity underneath the target’s title. It’s been reported towards authorities and was registered to the unlawful database. The target after that destroyed his work and is not able to get another task.


You will find 1000s of stories such as the ones above. This id theft has been around because the olden times and utilizes reasonable technology methods to take your identification. This may be really individual, as a number of the sufferers are victimized by relatives, friends and associates.


If anything you have gets taken, make sure you report it towards the authorities. This will make it better to show it was not you just who committed the criminal activity hence you will be another target. If you checkbook, credit card or ATM card gets taken, report it to your bank and now have all of them cancelled and changed to prevent funds getting attracted from your account.


Therefore, the next occasion you see identification theft, cannot restrict you to ultimately all the hi-tech devices offered available to you. If you wish to protect your self, you have to protect yourself from every perspective, perhaps the reasonable tech people.


Tina L. Douglas is a well-established author on the topic of identification theft. For lots more advice and info on identity theft protection, follow on regarding the website link.

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