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Why you should consider freezing your credit reports

Why you should consider freezing your credit reports
Credit monitoring services, which you have to pay a monthly fee for, alerts you if a new account is opened or other suspicious activity takes place. A credit freeze is the only way to stop criminals from opening new accounts in your name. Some experts …
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Finally, consumers are using the one tool that really can prevent ID theft
“Whether your personal information has been stolen or not, your best protection against someone opening new credit accounts in your name is the security freeze — also known as the credit freeze — not the often-offered, under-achieving credit …
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Government releases secret report but redacts the secrets
It concluded Ginnie Mae “was aware of the issues and accepted the risks, despite the systems not following federal guidelines,” or was unaware due to insufficient monitoring of its contractors or an insufficient level of detail in information …
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Consider freezing credit reports before information is stolen

Image from page 376 of “Credit of the nations: a study of the European war” (1918)
credit reports
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Identifier: cu31924032443677
Title: Credit of the nations: a study of the European war
Year: 1918 (1910s)
Authors: Laughlin, J. Laurence (James Laurence), 1850-1933
Subjects: World War, 1914-1918 Credit Debts, Public
Publisher: New York, C. Scribner’s sons
Contributing Library: Cornell University Library
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Text Appearing Before Image:
Sweden were more than six times the normalshipments; and those to Holland were at the highest thatsame year. Not until 1917 did our imports from Swedenshow a marked increase; while those from Holland re-mained at normal. The facts are now well known that the sudden increasein the exports of cotton, copper, and other needed articlesfrom this country to European neutrals indicated pur-chases by neutral merchants for German ac-Sriy S*i9is. count. For a considerable period, indeed, set-tlements between Germany and the UnitedStates went on through Amsterdam. The consequentexcess of our exports over receipts from these neutrals,and the demand for New York funds, explains the pre-mium in Europe on New York exchange in the early partof the war (when the lines in Chart IX were above 100).At the end of 1915 for Holland and Scandinavia, and inthe spring of 1916 for Spain and Switzerland, exchange CHART IX COURSE OF DOLLAR EXCHANGE (CABLE TRANSFERS) ON PRINCIPAL EUROPEAN NEUTRAL PLACES 1914-1917

Text Appearing After Image:
CREDIT IN THE UNITED STATES 343 on New York showed a heavy depreciation.^ In Decem-ber, 1915, sales of American securities for German accountthrough Holland caused a drop in exchange which led to ashipment of 0,000 in gold from New York to Amster-dam. Soon after that time Germans also sold Americanobligations on the Stockholm market. The main cause, however, of the serious decline in ourbills which developed in 1916 was the risk and cost oftransporting gold. Moreover, the restrictions of the Brit-ish blockade were closely drawn against themovement of gold to the neutrals and thence to Jg^st us.Germany. Otherwise gold would, by reasonof trade balances, have been moving from New York toHolland^ and Scandinavia. The censorship of mails andcargoes by British patrol boats, it is reported, delayedletters from New York to Stockholm seven weeks. Henceour Swedish trade fell off in a marked degree in 1916 and1917 (from exports of .2 millions in 1915 to .9 in1916 and .1 in 1917). The

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Consider freezing credit reports before information is stolen
A new report by consumer group U.S. PIRG is urging onsumers to consider freezing their credit reports as the only way to stop ID thieves from taking out loans, credit cards and other accounts. (Fotolia/TNS). PITTSBURGH — So far this year, more than …
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Get a free credit report
Your credit report tells a company at a glance your level of debt, how often you make payments and generally shows how risky it is to lend you money or enter a long-term arrangement with you. If an identity thief opens a new credit card, takes out a …
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