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Identity Theft Protection Tips For Santa Clarita Residents Selling Cars

Identity Theft Protection Tips For Santa Clarita Residents Selling Cars
Caution is advised to anybody in the Santa Clarita Valley who is selling a car, as some thieves may be able to access personal information left in the car. Don’t miss a thing. Get breaking Santa Clarita news alerts delivered right to your inbox …
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Identity Theft Protection Tips Given By The City Of Santa Clarita
Ed. Note: The following is a news release provided by the city of Santa Clarita. The city of Santa Clarita has released tips to help its citizens prevent identity theft. Don’t miss a thing. Get breaking Santa Clarita news alerts delivered right to your …
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Wichita ranked a top debt-relieving city for residents

Wichita ranked a top debt-relieving city for residents
SmartAsset listed Wichita eighth on its list of the top 10 U.S. cities with populations over 200,000 to relieve debt. The top three most favorable debt-relieving cities were, in order, Anchorage, Alaska; Bakersfield, Calif.; and Glendale, Ariz …
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Noble Group Bonds at 53 Cents Push Debt to Distressed Grade
They dropped below 53 earlier to their lowest on record, implying a yield of about 26 percent for the company’s debt. That puts it on par with issuers such as the Republic of Venezuela and U.S. retailer Toys “R” Us Inc., which rating firms have …
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Rich-World Debt Record Has Danes Blocking Credit-Driven Growth
Although Danish households remain the most indebted in the developed world, debt ratios are slowly coming down. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, Denmark’s was 313.5 percent of disposable income at the end …
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Hampstead residents urged to be vigilant against identity theft

Image from page 134 of “Astronomy for amateurs” (1904)
identity thieves
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Identifier: astronomyforamat00flam
Title: Astronomy for amateurs
Year: 1904 (1900s)
Authors: Flammarion, Camille, 1842-1925 Welby, Frances A. (Frances Alice) tr
Subjects: Astronomy
Publisher: New York, D. Appleton and company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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m-merce, and of thieves. One only sees him furtively,from time to time, at the periods of his greatest elonga-tions, either after the setting or before the rising of theradiant orb, when he presents the aspect of a somewhatreddish star. This planet, like the others, shines only by the re-flection of the Sun whose illumination he receives, andas he is in close juxtaposition with it, his light is brightenough, though his volume is inconsiderable. He issmaller than the Earth. His revolution round the Sunbeing accomplished in about three months, he passesrapidly, in a month and a half, from one side to theother of the orb of day, and is alternately a morningand an evening star. The ancients originally regardedit as two separate planets; but with attentive obser- 114 THE PLANETS vation, they soon perceived its identity. In our some-what foggy cHmates, it can only be discovered once ortwice a year, and then only by looking for it accordingto the indications given in the astronomic almanacs.

Text Appearing After Image:
Co; days Fig. 32.—Orbits of the four Planets nearest to the Sun. Mercury courses round the Sun at a distance of57,000,000 kilometers (35,000,000 miles), and accom-plishes his revolution in 87 days, 23 hours, 15 minutes;t. e., 2 months, 27 days, 23 hours, or a little less thanthree of our months. If the conditions of life are the9 115 ASTRONOMY FOR AMATEURS same there as here, the existence of the Mercuriansmust be four times as short as our own. A youth oftwenty, awaking to the promise of the Hfe he is justbeginning in this world, is an octogenarian in Mercury. xjcars /Neptune

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Hampstead residents urged to be vigilant against identity theft
The Town of Hampstead posted an advisory urging residents to prevent and report instances of identity theft and identity fraud. The advisory comes after town public security officers alerted Montreal police to a case of alleged identity theft. On Oct …
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Identity theft suspect arrested, convicted after lengthy investigation
BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A Williamsville man convicted of past felonies has been convicted of another four felonies after police investigated him for identity theft. Officers investigated David Miller, 51, after JC Penney loss prevention staff reported …

Identity Theft: Local resident faces tough battle
“The Federal Trade Commission is responsible for receiving and processing complaints from people who believe they may be victims of identity theft, providing informational materials to those people, and referring those complaints to appropriate …
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